Add medical visuals to your virtual visits

ViewMedica On-Demand patient education service helps you get the most out of virtual visits and remote learning.

We’ve seen large changes to the way we do healthcare in reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic. Telehealth virtual visits are being used more and more as a safe option during the pandemic, but they also create roadblocks to communication and comprehension. The good news is that the ViewMedica On-Demand patient education service helps you get the most out of virtual visits and remote learning.

Everything mentioned here is included in the ViewMedica On-Demand service. And, subscribers to VMcast waiting room TV can add all On-Demand features for just $25/month.

Learn More About On-Demand

Whether you currently use telehealth or you are considering adding virtual care to your services, ViewMedica patient education will help you communicate complex medical concepts to patients. ViewMedica’s On-Demand service gives you the visual tools that patients respond well to. Studies show that engaging education encourages better patient understanding and compliance.

Using ViewMedica in a virtual visit is easy

The first step is to download the free On-Demand app from your dashboard. The app gives you full access to all of your ViewMedica content. Depending on the features of your telehealth platform, you can now share your entire screen or just the ViewMedica app with your patient. Pull up the video you want to show and use your telehealth software’s screen sharing feature to stream the video to your patient in real time. Show entire videos, sections of videos or use our 3D images as visual aids.

Create health presentations

Tailor your communication to each patient or by specific conditions. Create sets of presentations ahead of time with helpful images and videos to easily put on the screen during a Zoom, FaceTime or other video call. Or, create specific presentations focus on each patient’s needs.

Quickly show what you want

When you play a ViewMedica video, pause at specific points and explain what’s going on. Or, use our “sections” menu to jump to specific points in the video. You may want to mute the video’s audio if it distracts from your dialog.

Telestrate with markup

From an image or at any part in a video, draw on the screen to make a specific point. Annotate the image with text. You can even save the image with its markups and send it to the patient.

Encourage further learning

Right from our On-Demand player, send link a link to your patient for a specific video or a full health presentation. Then they can watch the whole video at their leisure and even share it with their home-care team and loved ones. It’s important to provide patient education before, during and after each virtual visit.

If you have any questions about how you can integrate your ViewMedica content into your telehealth platform please reach out through chat at or give us a call.